Back at it once again

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Not really sure anyone is following this anymore, but hey I am blogging for me anyways. I’ve decided to re open my mind and let my little fingers go back to typing what’s on my mind. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I think the last post was 4 months ago, has it really been that long? Ha . . . feels longer really!

Whats been happening:

hired and fired already (word to the wise . . . save the drama fo yo mama)

a few events

still no real revenue coming in

working with a few start – ups and more no-profits

been introduced to the publishing/ad world (not fun, overly cocky sales reps!)

website is almost finished

sent out the first company email blast today (of course there were grammar mistakes, duh)

Spending more money on Marketing/Print materials than I expected

Still not a big fan of Twitter

Having issues with my friends down at the County (never going to end)

Back to talking with the Bank and looking for Investors (this road too may never  produce)

Other than that, life still continues to roll here in the Queen City and opening a business in this city still isnt getting anywhere close to being easy. I do plan on posting more, got lots to dump on this site now that things are slowly growing, more to ponder, less to grip over.

Keeping it simple today



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rather than sit here and bore myself and you with ‘nothing’, because that’s really whats has been going on for the past few days here, I thought I would commit on a few ‘thoughts’ I just received from my sunshine! (Thnxs)

Thought #1: How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?

I just finished moving into another new apartment (hopefully I’ve found my resting spot) and there are two things I completely dislike about unpacking and packing: Hangers and folding/unfolding sheets. How does one fold a fitted sheet? I mean really you would have thought our mothers or gf’s or somebody would have should us, but I can’t for the life of me remember one single person knowing how to fold these damn things. Screw “so you think you can dance”, instead lets see “so you think you can fold a fitted sheet?”

Thought #2: Was learning cursive really necessary?

Tell me the last time you wrote anything in cursive, come on and no you can’t count your signature as cursive, that’s chicken scratch. For me the whole writing, alphabet, spelling and blah was like living in hell. If I happen to head that way after I done here on earth, El Diablo, just make me sit down with those white sheets of paper and those big lines, a #2 and have me write cursive. A complete waste of my youth and hours after school.  If you can explain it, defend it and show it, I am all ears!

Thought #3: I keep some people’s phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.

I actually have to say I don’t do this really, it’s the opposite, anyone I don’t want to know I don’t keep around in my memory. Makes its easy to just avoid the call when you can say ‘oh I didn’t have your number saved and I don’t answer anyone I don’t know’. You see the truth doesn’t hurt does it?

BEST ONE:  Lol has gone from meaning, “laugh out loud” to “I have nothing else to say”.

I m not hear to name names, but I can tell you I have a few peeps that this should show up as their signature. LOL, stands for anything, never really understood the meaning and really don’t, but whom ever coined it, damn you! Thanks for turning something simple into another form to blow people off . . .

Finally a Yes!

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I think today was the 1st good day in a long time. I flew back into today, hit the road running and left the office with a small dash of hope. It turns out the the teachers down at the capital have decided to give us a little break. I wouldn’t say little it’s actually quite big, savings close to $5,000k!

Little in that its the 1st break in a long list of requests. To those who have been following, I am not going to be required to build my castle walls as I know call them. There was this inspector, I m not into naming names these days, new stones have been turned over (ha ha ha) who was trying to bust my butt on  everything.  It got so confusing ( i am be trying to be nice here) that the kids here in the big bad city couldn’t figure it out so they had to send it to their teachers, the STATE, for a decision. Ruling in my favor!

Luckily for me the State saw how ridiculous the demand was and said enough of that crap, go forth and continue. Muchie Gracie mi amigo’s!

Conflict Resolution 101

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Dealt with my first so-called ‘fight’ between different contractors. Electric vs Construction. Neither side won nor loss and neither side had more facts than fiction. It actually was a fair brawl of words all around. For the first time I saw two different sides of what life is like outside of my world.

I really enjoy both Electric and Construction. Both serve very important roles, yet both come from different back grounds. Two completely different backgrounds and work ethics all around. Both gents own their businesses and both are extremely strong willed when it comes to who is doing this and that. I knew this was going to come, it was bound to happen, unfortunately it came about from strong opinions and two men who refused to back down.

The quick and short of it, electric got his stuff stolen from the break-in over the weekend and felt construction was to blame, the whole ‘inside’ job theory. Two and two go together and I point in your direction type of theory. Very valid but it was more hear say than strong facts. I wont get into it, because when the day ended both sides were right and wrong.

What I found and what I dealt with was entertaining and yet educational. I heard two sides of a story and did my best to put out the fire before it got nasty and one-sided, no reason for these guys to give in now, we’re so close to the end. By the end of the day most of fire was out and I had to deal with all the burns and scares.

It was a nice day because I finally had something else to deal with that it wasnt my own issues or problems. . .

Welcome to the flip side

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I’ve been in the build out process for a little over 6 months and thus far have been pretty lucky when it comes to theft, that was until yesterday. I had just returned from a day out with Sunshine and Ziggy when I got a call from my GC. I normally dont hear from him and when I saw his number flash across the screen I found it quite odd?

He was going by to show his boys the facility and said that someone had broken in the windows on the side and had gone in. My first recreation is that the site is playground/candy shop for punks. Enough equipment, tools, machines, piping, wiring, grass and then some to start your own Lowe’s. While I was in the car I keep thinking worst possible scenario? What could a couple of punks or better yet older punk asses do in the building, a ton of damage.

They tried cutting the cord to a generator, kicked around a few things and probably where out within a few seconds. Luck was on my side in that there are no outside lights nor electricity at the property so I am sure to them it was as if they were stepping into a black hole. Even during the day its dark. If there was just a little light the situation could have been far worse.

What pisses me off about the situation is not that it happened, crime happens all the time and especially in the world we live in and I am sure this is not the only time its going to happen.  I am more pissed because if I hadn’t been getting all this shit from the inspector and he hadn’t failed the building 3 x’s, then there would have been cars, people, lights and a business running for the past 3 -4 weeks, thus no break-in.

I am wondering if the County will pick up my bill to re-install the glass or maybe I should just ask them to pay for security to roam the lot at night, I am sure the inspector wouldn’t mind since he does it anyway. . .

TGIF and then some . . .

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To be honest I kind of wish the days kept going and weekends never came around. Getting stir crazy by the day and every time Friday comes rolling up I realize I just missed another week of business. I’ve been keeping a running total of what I might be making based upon my projected numbers.  I could have paid off my car, found a nicer apartment or even house to rent, picked up a play buddy for Ziggy, paid off a few out standing bills and services and of course started the re-payment of gifts.

I am damn happy I did all my projections but in reality it’s just biting me in the face. Every time I pop down in my seat, it just stares at me. Then again with the way the world is turning and how dry and shitty this city is, I could be exactly where I am at now, but with the addition of extra bills? I don’t feel it would be, based upon the number of people who have been pulling up and inquiring. Would be fun to know how it all feels.

The countdown continues . . .

Quote of the day . . .

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A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business  – Henry Ford