So what do you do?

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today marks the beginning of what has become one of the most exciting, nervous, frustrating and humbling journeys I’ve ever embarked on.

It began the minute I left college. I started a journey in hopes of finding a place to call home and an answer to that question I have always dreaded answering, ” So what do you do?”. After countless jobs, some meaningful and others just to pay the bills and play, I finally can say with confidence and pride, I am one of those people who are referred to as an entrepreneur.Wait, what? An entrepreneur in today’s economy? Sure, why not. There have been a few very successful entrepreneurs in down economies and if the Mayan’s are right, 2 more years baby, so who cares!

Today was what I would call my first full day as an entrepreneur and the count down to opening my doors to my OWN business. Never really thought or dreamed I would be saying that. My own small business.  I am my own boss, HA! Exciting, sure. Nervous, never has entered my mind. Proud, somewhere in here I am. Frustrating, if only you knew.

The success rate is 3-5 years and that was when the economy was working. What ever happens is going to happen. No looking back now, because the building is secured, the demo has been completed, the up-fit is under way, money has been handed over and the dream have started to become a reality.

I decided to join the ‘blog’ community, because I personally, need a way to document what has unfolded and is about to unfold. I have dreams for this business model &  at times I get tired of telling or explaining the concept to people, so I thought, well, there is always the ‘blog’. My sister started one I believe a year ago (numbers and memory are my weakness). I consulted her a few days ago asking, what do you write and who do you write to. It was simple, write what you want to write and write to who ever you want to write to. Sounded simple?

So here I am, taking this one day at a time and hopefully with luck, this post will be the 1st of millions.

The concept: take what I’ve enjoyed the most out of life: sports, social events, training/teaching, mingling & drinks and you have the makings of a sport and social facility in downtown or if your from these parts “uptown”.

  1. vicki Snyder says:

    Ziggy is very cute…will he go to work with you?

  2. Lucretia says:

    It’s your time to shine and now you can. I am so excited for you and don’t doubt that you can make it work. Way to go!

  3. jamey says:

    Looks, ans sounds great Luke. Exciting for us as well. The little one will be down in a few yrs running all over that place…Best of luck. Jamey

  4. mandy jaye says:

    sooo excited for you sweetie! We’ll make the trip thay way to share in fun with you soon. I love the idea of a blog and look forward to keeping up with your progress. Miss you tons!!

  5. stephanie says:

    Wow, just the background behind that handsome furball looks like you’ve made great strides in there! I can’t wait to see it and am even more excited to see people in there enjoying all your hard work!! Good thinking on documenting everything on your own blog. Can’t wait til this week is over so I can focus on the fun stuff 🙂

  6. Don says:

    So glad all that effort & work has finally been rewarded!
    Hope you’re as proud of yourself as everyone else is!
    You should be!!
    Now enjoy it!! & get Blogging… :)x

  7. Luke! I wish you nothing but success! I know this is a huge passion for you, therfore I know you will succeed!!!

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