Tool Time

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

I used to be HUGE fan of “Tool Time”. I am unsure as to why, but in college one of my closest friends “Sloth” and I used to watch Tim the Tool Man Taylor  almost every day. I can not for the life of me come up with a reason why we were so addicted to this show? I am sitting here trying to figure it out, maybe it was just a college thing or something?

But today at the ‘site’, Tim the Tool Man Taylor would have been a kid in a candy store. I think we had almost every tool running and some I’d never  seen in person. Yes, let it be said I am not much of a Man’s Man, in that I didnt grow up around tools and to this day I am still uncertain if my father owns his own set of tools. I guess there is something about being a guy and tools Grrrr, Grrrr, Grrrr.

Today I was Grrrr-ing all day long. I think I lost my hearing, but for the first couple hours I was in heaven and living vicariously through all of our contractors. From heaters, to generators, to blow torches to 2″ steel plated drill bits, it was exciting.

Oh did I mention I got to get on top of the roof with a few gallons of tar and attempted to patch a few leaks? Let me say, for as hard as I tried and for as much crap as i was talking, I did manage to cake myself with tar, luckily I had my ‘work’ pants.  Officially broken in and part of the  group or was that because, like all of our contractors, none of us had health insurance?

  1. lucinda says:

    your brother in law, said that dad has enough tools in the house to hang art. makes you wonder how he put xmas presents together when we were little.

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