Pick your Fights

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Finally the good stuff. I’ve been hearing all about these ‘City Inspectors’. The good and the of course the HELL that they can rain down on ones parade. Finally I got some hand on hand combat with mine. I wouldnt say he’s someone I wanted in my circle of friends, but then again what can you do when someone forces themselves upon you and you have to play nice, well sort of.

Without giving too much detail and giving away to many secrets, it all started a few months ago when I decided, with the consultation of some wise business folk, that it was important to open up part of the facility so that we could start spreading the ‘good’ word. It was over a bottle of some good beer at one of my favorite hot spots ‘CM’ at noon,  that the decision was made to push forward, but to keep a lot of it under wraps.

It was all going well until about 2pm yesterday when our cover was discovered by Mr. City Inspector S, known here in after as, CIS. I have other names, but I promised myself to keep this as professional as possible.

Lets just say CIS is one who likes to fluff his feathers and pump his chest without any rhyme or reason. In keeping to the story, the building was getting a nice make over, but for some reason CIS felt he had been betrayed and was upset by this, that he decided to come  & put a stop to all activity. Not only did he decide to put a stop, but backed it up with a verbal warning of involving the law dawg. I was off site at the time.

After  a heated conversation, a meeting was set for this morning at 9am to lay it all out. I will say that for as much as I wanted to be apart of this meeting, I was instructed to stay out of it, which I can say I was not to happy about. If you know me, confrontation is something I actually enjoy, especially in this situation, where you have someone, abusing his powers.

The showdown occurred this morning for a little more than an hr. It was then and there that I was really wishing I had all the gadgets in  24. Instead I had to settle with the cliff notes. There was no backing down, all points where made, however no work was done today. CIS got his point across and so did the business, however I learned once again another valuable lesson in business, you can only say so much to inspectors, until you have to “talk to the hand”.

Lesson: for as much as I wanted to rip this CIS apart and call him out on his lies, I realized in the end, CIS is going to be there for the next few months, get our points across and not bend on the important issues, but when push comes to shove there are some issues you just have to give into.

Favorite quote from today’s meeting “Its like that street over there, the speed limit is 35, yet everyone driving by is going 38.” Interpretation is always gray!


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