What You Can’t See Won’t Get You In Trouble!

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve been really frustrated since Friday after everything went down, because I consider myself a pro at conflict resolution. What went down on Friday, I had no control over. Even if I was on the site when CIS came by, there wouldn’t have been much I could have said nor done and I think that’s what’s been frustrating me lately.

I actually enjoy finding ways around the system. I call it problem solving while others might call it zig-zagging around the issue. It has been brought up since the first sighting of CIS that we needed to tell the contractors to park behind the site, so if/ when CIS drove by he wouldn’t see any trucks. The day it all went down, there must have been 5-6 trucks, a trailer and a few extra’s.

On Saturday I came up with an idea. Not all my ideas go as planned and some are to over whelming, but this plan seemed reasonable and was in some way, my way of getting even. Awh revenge is sweet!

The day CIS came by and kicked every body away, I was getting glass doors and windows installed. Neither door had been finished by the end of the day, however there was enough glass to seal the openings. The idea – newspaper the entire facility. What you can’t see wont get you in trouble right? In my creative mind, I had this envision of a black out effect with newspapers. Only problem was I don’t receive the newspaper. My friends do, but it’s not easy to get a hold of them at 8 am.

So I drove out with my partner in crime and we drove by a few places, grabbed the ‘freebies’, purchased 4 roles of masking tape and were off creating my revenge! 2 days later, lots of paper left, 3.5 rolls used, 2 bay doors, 3 windows and double glass retail door, my master piece is complete. I feel good, tired and sore and never wanting to tear off a piece of tape, but good.  Mission accomplished. Ha ha take that CIS. Drive by all you want now and there will be nothing see.

You can’t see in and I CANT SEE OUT EITHER! Right, my plan was so bullet proof when I started, but when I finished I failed to take into account, if one can’t see in, one wont be seeing out either! And on top of that my real estate broker came by, impressed but laughed and said you know the way the ‘professionals’ do it, is they go out buy the large rolls of brown paper and one sheet covers an entire door! So you’re telling me what I did in 2 days, I could have done in just an hour? Nice . . . well I am still proud of my master piece and wanted to share!

  1. lucinda says:

    that made me laugh really hard! nice work! it is a little more stylish and has more design appeal than plain brown construction paper.

  2. Lore says:

    ha ~ not only is your ‘material’ selection more stylish but it has the added advantage of being current reading material – for anyone standing by..

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