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Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Rejection, a word I’ve never handled well, and yet one would think, as a young entrepreneur I would need the tools necessary in dealing with this word, seeing how its become a common monthly feeling for me. All of us have met rejection at some point in our life and if you havent then your not living! We can all live with this in small doses, but what happens when small doses start to become the monthly norm?

Rejection is a part of growing up and comes with any life accomplishment. It helps define the hero’s and separates the strong from the weak. I understand that to carry out anything in this life, you must risk rejection. Yes, Yes I completely understand that I am not going to die from it and lord willing someone will eventually say yes or will they? Yes I know, but come on let’s get a move on here, please where is the person and by person I mean BANK!

Today was another difficult day for me. One that I am glad is over and yet wasnt really wanting to go through. If you’ve never started a business, then I guess you probably wouldn’t have written a business plan and thus probably have no idea how it feels to give something you feel extremely proud over. Something you’ve poured countless hours into, $$$, sweat and at time tears. Completely different from your senior thesis or anything that you’ve spent long hours on, because this time around, the grade determines whether you continue to eat PB&J’s or finally can shop at Whole Foods?

The idea of submitting a business plan to a loan officer who then takes it to an underwriter is indeed a nervous & stressful process, because your asking people who sit behind a desk to trust in you, that your projections are truthful, honest and are up to industry standards. I’ve now officially submitted my business plan to 6 banks and have yet to find this ‘YES PERSON’! I am starting to wonder if they too lost their jobs in this recession?  Where o where are thou?

Being rejected from these banks has made me feel as if  my research is not up to industry standards.  At times has made me feel inferior and gives a “little tickle to that insecure reminder of the self”, acquired from being teased and criticized as a child. OH GREAT it all comes back to my childhood experiences (ha ha ha ha). I like that I can always revert back to my child hood experiences as an excuse and why shouldnt I, its only logical, right?

No worries, its business, nothing personal and the problem, is simply in my thinking. I’ve come to understand (ok I am just telling myself this) that the bank is not rejecting me, just my “dream”. DREAM CRUSHERS! Can I cuss on blogs? (Need to check on that one . . .)

The bank doesn’t even know me well enough to reject me. They are rejecting the idea of being talked into my “dream”, by spending money. I mean hell it isn’t even theirs anyways, its Uncle Sam’s or is it? Stimulus hello are you there? ? ?

Getting over any fear is difficult, I  get that. But this fear of rejection is strong! Solution . . .  go out and do whatever it is that I’m avoiding! Hum, so your saying then, go out submit more business plans and welcome more rejections? Great, grow tougher skin and “man the fuck up”!

After several successful accomplishments one would think, the chance of rewards becomes greater than the fear? Awh its coming together now.  The longer the procrastination, the larger it becomes in my mind. . .” If your job is to eat one live frog each day; don’t look at it too long.” (A personal favorite)

Lesson: get over my childhood trauma, keep the ol’ chin up there and get out and  just “do work, son.” . . .  before the mind decides to make elephants from those frogs I need to swallow!

  1. lucinda says:

    yes you can swear on blogs. i think the banks are crazy. but just like getting into college, you fill out all those applications and it just takes one to say yes. i know your dream is a good one and that someone will say yes. if i had the money i would give it to you. maybe i should start playing the lottery! xoxo

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