The Heat Is On . . .

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a boring day in the life of the entresportslexic. No activity, a bunch of pointless phone calls, a lot of waiting around and a dog who almost got tossed out the window. No, just kidding. 1st off he doesn’t fit and second he weights more than I can lift.

Ziggy Cash is his name. An 8 month old, 110 lb puppy!  He came by way of NY and has been a wonderful outlet for me. He can at times take up a lot of space and a lot of energy.  We were living in a house (900 sq ft) and a nice backyard, but when push came to shove, I had to down size (450 sq ft, loft apartment in uptown) and no back yard. He rides with me everywhere and goes with me to the site, but with everything going on, he at times has to stay on the leash, which he doesnt much enjoy anyways and neither does his papi! Is about 20 lbs from pulling me down the street.

We’ve been having a very wet and cold late winter and for as much as he would enjoy staying outside he doesn’t and can’t at the moment. We woke up to a beautiful sunny and windy day, after having a few days of wet nasty weather. Ziggy would call it a perfect day and I wouldn’t. Wind gusts carrying a cold cutting wind, is not my cup of joe. Lived in Chicago for a little spell and had my share of cold wind!

The only place I could take him yesterday while it was raining, was to the site. Not much there, but a much of nibbles of screws, bolts and paper, again just to his liking. We hung out for a little then it was off to find some torpedo heaters to heat the facility for the ‘grass boys’.

I woke up at 5 am this morning to turn them on, so it would be nice and toasty for the grass. He came with me and had no idea what was about to ruin his morning excercise.

If you havent had the fine pleasure of using a torpedo heater, let me tell you, they are something else. Loud, smelly and kicks out a lot of heat. Ziggy, jumped out of the truck (28 degrees & windy, dream temp for a newf) went to his potty spot, did his business then came bolting inside, only to find these two machines, full blast, heating HIS grass. If dogs could talk it would have gone something like:

Ziggy “I am sorry what are these and why are they here”

Me “heaters and they are here to heat the grass”

Ziggy “No sorry, they are ruining my morning excercise and they must go NOW”

Me “no get used to them”

Ziggy ” Fine i am going to attack them”

And attack he did, barking, growling, biting at times and jumping over them. He ran from one to the other only twice running in front of them. One would have assumed there was an invisible rope in front of the machines, because when he ran in front of them, for some odd reason, he crawled as if the cold air was underneath the blowing heat?

It is times like these that I think, every person should have a portable video camera, recording 24 hrs a day when in the company of a dog. Easily could have posted it on YouTube and within hours had well over a few 1,000 hits maybe even make it to the top 100 best YouTube videos for 2010. I promise you would have peed and then some. . .

Thanks for the morning laughs Ziggy and keeping me warm for the last few months

  1. vicki Snyder says:

    What would we do without our dogs to make life easier to take…laugh and just feel good all over…

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