Another Friday . .. Done and Gone

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I didnt blog yesterday, because nothing really eventful went on. All the guys who were kicked off the site by the inspector showed back up to finish their jobs.

Inspector CIS showed his little face today, but he didnt see SHIT! ha ha ha . . . I won! Well really I owe it to the plumber who saw him and decided to just play chicken with him and fool him by packing up all his equipment and leaving the site. Damn inspector CIS. Sure he drove by a few times and never saw anything, expect for my fine ‘art’ work!

Today I spent the majority of the day re-working my numbers, the one’s el dumbo, said I could NEVER reach. Got them down to what is industry standard, which I am having an impossible time understanding. Wont get into, because it will bore you as much as it does me but lets just say the numbers I did have were bare bone, the numbers I just came up with are like fossils of the bare bones.

Finally got a chance to see what the field is going to look like (pics will come). Still need my goals though. . .

Kept wondering if it was going to snow (yes it did and is continuing). Coming up with ZIggy’s schedule tomorrow. Get up early and get fresh tracks or wait until there’s activity so he has some friends to play with? Both maybe?

Again, boring post/blog . . . wish there was more to talk about!


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