Bumps, Humps and seams OH MY!

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Spent the better half of the day at the site, helping a little here and there, but really envisioning what the site will look like when finished and trying to figure out what else is there to finish. No really it was more along the lines of, holy crap I still have x, y & z left. For some odd reason, every time I feel like I am about to step foot on a straight path, the end of the bend becomes more curvy. I am assuming this is pretty normal, which in a way, is great because I do get bored easily.

I consider myself a visionary, someone with great creativity and can usually see past the walls, through the cracks and beyond the paint, but for some reason I am finding it hard to weave through the artificial turf and beyond. Maybe that’s because there are bumps, humps and seams everywhere.

I think the problem is coming from the fact that the grass isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to look like (about 75% complete), there are still no bathrooms and the lights are still not in, nor is there any lobby/reception area. I kind of put this together quickly with some quick brain storming and a few drawings. No official renderings where drawn & I am starting to wonder, did I make my first really big mistake here?

No, there are no mistakes, just a lot of set backs, right?

I guess I will need to share with you that there are two buildings that I have leased to run my operations out of. Building Mint is 20,000 sq ft and building Lincoln is 10,000 sq ft. I’ve spent most of my time & available financial aid in building Lincoln. Building Mint is still awaiting that “YES” man. Without any renderings and just solely off the pictures created in my mind, I’ve been able to share and guide those responsible of taking the raw and cooking it into something tasteful.

I am still trying to come up with an idea for the front reception area. I’ve been to a few of these indoor athletic facilities and no dis-respect, but several of them look so cheap and trashy. I can pretty much guess why,  the costs associated with such a project, not for the weak or faint at heart.

I consider the make-up of the facility to have a little edge, a little bit of modern and a whole lot of urban. The space is 14′ x 14′ and has a floor that will remain concrete. The entrance and exit are double-sided glass doors. I’ve come up with a certain look for the reception desk, but then it comes to laying it all out, I am all sorts of out of whack. I do better when the space is full of debris, not of my own. This time around, it’s an empty space and I am struggling. One would think, an empty space would be easier to envision than a space full of crap.

Yes, welcome to the world of the entresportsLEXIC!

Hears to hoping the wheels start turning and the creative juices start boiling!


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