The Arrival

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wasnt really sure what I was going to post today, because nothing to exciting actually happened. I did manage to vacuum close to 8,000 sq ft, which I dont highly recommend. Tomorrow is when the labor starts. Again not sure how many of you readers have laid turf before, but the process is as follows. Roll the turf out, fit the seams together, paste glue substance on floor, roll it out, cut out bubbles, cut in the lines, glue lines, use power brush to push grass on its legs (made that term up), toss in 13.5 tons of sand to help keep turf standing on edge, then brush turf over and over again, applying sand and enviro fill (too hard to explain).

So tomorrow it will be a lot of brushing and loading up the sand machine. Finally will get close to seeing what this grass is going to look like. Almost there. . .

On an entirely different note, I know have reason to celebrate this day and now it has nothing to do with  buying flowers, chocolates or teddy bears, instead my lil nephew Chase Wallace was born a few hours ago in New York. Healthy little bugger at 7 lbs 8 ounces. Glad he is out and breathing and now my sister and husband can finally rest a little, but man, being born on Valentines Day, going to be rough, but no worries that’s my job right as his UNK, to teach him the rules and better yet ways to trick the system. Except this time I am working with a double whammy!


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