Another set back

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Being new to this whole entrepreneurship, I am completely taken back by how many times one can get so close, yet the end is still so far away. Today I once again encountered another inspector. However this time he came by way of Fire! We shall refer to him as FIRE BALL!

The Fire ball showed up around 10ish this morning under a light rain and wanted to assert his dominance, just like his buddy CIS (no jokes the two are friends, double strike). On a quick side note its funny because every time it rains after a gorgeous sunny day, these damn inspectors show up. I’m completely unsure whether the rain  brings them out or they bring out the rain.

He actually fooled me, because I was thinking he was showing up to take a look at the site, because our renderings are still on lock down at the city and was thinking he was showing his face to check out a few questions about our renderings and then would report back to the city, sign off and the permits would be issued. Not even CLOSE!

After a long conversation with my business associate, it turns out he was called by my little friend CIS. Amazing what these guys are up to. Thats cool, come pick on the small guy, I mean we’re just trying to stay afloat and get things operational to create jobs, revenue and another attraction for the city.

He showed up and starting picking on minor issues, funny thing was the things he was picking on we cant fix because we have no permits & we are RED TAGGED! Duhhhh right? No. In case you havent had the fine pleasure of dealing with inspectors and marshal’s I would advise you to just stay calm and kill them with their own stupidity. As a funny comedian says “Here’s your Sign!”

I wont get into the details and all his grips, but I will share with you my very close 1st brush with the law dawgs.

I was at the facility earlier this morning, getting it ready for today’s activity. I had all these pictures ready to post on my blog. I even had the title picked “The DEERE RUNS WILD”! Was going to show a few before and after shots, however when Fire ball comes a burning, nothing you can do about it.

So I was in the facility with the grass boys, Ziggy and my business associate. It was starting to rain and my very fine TAPE JOB was still holding up. Out of the corner of my eye I see an object pass by the windows.  Fire ball, no big deal. Business Associate goes out, starts to show him the other facility and for a brief 4 seconds I took a big breath and didnt worry about it. Kept watching them in the other facility continuing to think he’s just here to check it all out. At the time we had a high power brush & generator running. Mistake #1, never leave a running generator (bright red) out side when these people show up. They are like hounds and sniff them out.

Before I can make any movements, in he walks and nothing is being said, so I assume he’s just here for a little sight-seeing journey. Within 20 minutes the scenery changes, harsh words are being exchanged and I start to hear words and questions as to what is happening and laws are being broken. Quickly we put a stop on the machines, cell phones are ringing, he steps outside, business associate comes over with a grin and says “round 2”!

Not happy at all, because we are only 2 days from finishing the install of the grass and knowing this is going to get nasty. Oh did it. Within seconds, I notice my business associate outside locking the doors and myself in with the grass boys and Ziggy. I cant see anything, once again my beautiful artwork is protecting me yet hindering me! Still so excited about clever idea! My cell is buzzing and its my business associate on the other side of the wall. For the 1st time I felt like a caged animal!

He quickly tells me to go to the door and when given the order . .  open, close, lock and walk quickly to the car and leave. Phone goes dead, I repeat the instructions to the grass boys, cell buzzing again . . . get ready. . . . now, go, fast . . . move it. Did I mention it was pouring down rain?

So out we go, the HOOLIGANS! I quickly make a B line to the tank, hoped in and sped off. Cell buzzes again . . . stay close but not too close, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I lead the grass boys to a fantastic burrito place, they are chowing and I am making and taking calls.  After 30 minutes or so I receive a call from my business associate and he of course is chuckling! Laughing it off is one of his greatest characteristics!

Story goes as follows: Fire ball calls his BF, yes you guessed it . . . CIS, reports that we are doing work, CIS goes CRAZY, tells my business associate he’s calling the police to issue warrants for our arrest, business associate says go ahead, instructed to leave now, within 2 minutes after I depart the site, 4 cruisers come flying in, 2 more fire balls show up and for a good 20 minutes a wild dust storm is taking place in the parking area. When it all settles down, the police leave, a citation is issued and we are back to the place we were a week ago, SHUT DOWN and waiting!

Calls were made quickly, had a meeting with a council man later in the afternoon, called off the work, came back to the site to find a nice RED TAG on the door (Stop work notice) and left the site around 6:30ish.

One of the best parts of this story is my close friend from the Dirty Dirty (aka Maine), came by to check it out and was caught in the cross fire. While at the site this afternoon, shutting things down and taking things out and putting things in, the Fire Ball decided to do a few drive by’s and this time my close friend got to feel what it was like be a caged animal as well. Luckily he is an unknown to the Fire Ball and CIS and I decided to let him out and do some recon work for me on his way out . . .


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