Believe, Try it Out Some Time

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

I haven’t written in the past few days because I havent had much going on. I am back in a holding pattern, feeling like an airplane circling the runway and not being told why I can’t land. Every time I attempt to go down I am told no keep waiting. For those of you that havent gone through this process I wouldn’t ask my worse enemy to go through this.
Yes, I have heard the war stories when dealing with the city and at times never really believed it could be that bad, boy was I wrong For some reason it goes from bad to worse to straight out hell, when dealing with these inspectors, marshals and permit people. You would think, that in a down economy, in a city begging  for new business, that the ‘city’ and all their hooligans would be welcoming any type of new business.

I am in no way shape or form the size of Wal-Mart and if I am lucky will be hiring up to 20 people within my 1st year, but hey, its more than zero? You would think that these people would be asking what can we do to help, not coming up with more excuses to delay. The normal holding pattern is about a week, yet I’ve been holding for 2 +. I keep trying to find pull out encouraging words , but then something goes off and I am back to slinging mud! Dirty mud actually.

I would ranting about it, but where does and has that gotten me? No where, it keeps coming and at times seems to be getting worse if not better, but I have been told the worse is over for now and I should start to see a little co-operation? I’ll believe when I see it.

On a side note, I had a conversation with a new banker out West (when in doubt always head West). Nice youngster, straight forward (just the way I like it) and eager to help. He slipped a few times, causing me to raise the red flag, but all in all a good match so far. Where I am going with this, is that I was just recently rejected on a loan request from this kid who just arrived here about 3 months ago from Cali. No dis-respect Cali, but your shit can stink at times.

My new banker filled me in on some of the comments made by “Cali” and one comment sent me into pure amazement. I am asking and hopefully someone will tell me, but if you’re an ‘underwriter’ for a very well-known bank, do you really use the following as an excuse to deny a loan:  . . .

” I don’t believe this guy even worked for XXX company in Chicago anyways”?

WTF? Really, are you that little of a man and lost all faith in people, that you would think, I just submitted a business plan full of lies and would pull XXX company out of my ass? Let’s just say deal or no deal, the ‘cali’ kid is black listed already! I had respect, but no more, not even a chance. To call me a liar without even checking, will fire up this Latino’s blood to a level I dont even like!

This comment that was made yesterday, has really affected me in way I wasnt really expecting. All day I couldn’t shake it. I take people at face value and respect people in certain positions. For some odd reason I’ve been placing bankers on a pretty high stool. Lets just say that with everything that has happened with my interactions with bankers, this stool just got its legs chopped off and its sitting on the floor.

I’ve been trying to rack my brain around it and wonder why on earth would this ‘underwriter’ not believe something on my RESUME, let alone something in a business plan. This ‘fool’ thinks I made up all this crap?  Pisses me off more than I can even blog about. I want to call the little ‘cali’ kid and rip him a new one, put it all back together and rip it again! After I was informed of this I wanted to tell this new banker deals off!  I really don’t want this bank to have my business nor be apart of my success, but I don’t have much of  choice right now. I have to take what I can get right now.

It’s hard and going to be really hard if this deal goes through, knowing this ‘fool’ questioned my professional experience and called me a liar and didn’t even have the balls to call the company and verify it.

Amazing the ‘god’ like complexes people can acquire when placed in positions of decision-making!


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