Step by Step

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Started this post late last night and feel asleep . . . oops

Not sure I really woke up today expecting to be on the phone for 2.5 solid hours, putting out fires and dealing with another case of stupidity which still hasn’t been resolved.  Just to bring you readers into the loop here, here is what is going on.

Blding 1 now officially has permits and I can start the build out, oh wait, donde estas el dinero . . . el banco!

Blding 2 is almost finished with the build out but there has been a stop work permit placed on the site. I received a call today that everything had passed, except one little issue…

Around 1:30 this afternoon my phone goes off and I have just received a call from the Head Fire Inspector himself. Lets just say for the point of this post, I talked with Fireball 5 times over the course of 2.5 hrs.

My first conversation was a basic scare me and make give up all my secrets, which I have to admit, I almost did. I really don’t want to bore anyone with all the logistics but very quickly, I am trying to get one of the facilities up and operational and more importantly built out so that my friend can host her fashion show. As of right now I am stuck in this holding pattern because the County is having the hardest time with the artificial turf that I have installed.

Fireball called me to get down and dirty with him and as I mentioned I gave him a little too much information the first time around, but quickly caught onto the game, after quick council with “da man”. He played hard ball and sank a little, held my ground and felt like killing him with kindness might work. Ha, that was a joke, kindness only brings on more questions.

Issue: Blding 2 is zoned as office and the requirements to have a special event needs to be assembly?

After the 1st talk with Fireball, he said no way. You wont be able to have the fashion show in the building, but the parking lot will do. Really, a fashion show in the parking lot? Not what my friend wanted to hear. I made a call to “da man” and after a quick lesson on talking with these inspectors and marshals I learned I spilled the beans a little, but could if quick enough, wash them away?

Fireball called within 5 minutes and this time around, was a little softer in tone and was explaining the rules and ways around it? Gave me a few suggestions and after clearing up a few assumptions by CIS (damn idiot has been the main cause) we got down to business. I pulled the Texas card, which I have to say, does bring some respect to the table. Ended on a good note and I felt good.

Made a few more calls and he calls again, this time telling me he will do what it takes, gives me a few inside ideas (off the record) to help put this show together. Funny, in less than 40 minutes, he’s a hard ass, then a nice guy and now my best friend.  ‘Da man’ said this was going to happen. Everything is just a  step by step process.


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