Not so fast

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

My 1st attempt to post something in the morning was a success, I posted, but really I stuck my foot in the mouth before allowing the day to take shape.

Still in a holding pattern and not allowed to land. I really want to go into great detail about all this, but I won’t because all I can do is just laugh.

The ‘sloths’ decided to pull a fast one on us and it worked. Submitted the plans back in January under X contractor and Y contractor went to pick them up today. ‘Sloths’ made Y contractor fill out a new form and told him wait another day or so and we’ll let you pick up your permits? Really a day or so? For what, to do something as simple as check to see if this Y is really this Y? WTF? I mean damn Homeland Security, watch out! The ‘sloths’ are one upping you cats.  Why not just say, we dont like you nor your plans and are doing everything in our will to hold them here, because you hurt CIS’s feelings.

I could handle that and it would be a reason.

I doubt I will post again early morning, unless its something about ZIggy, which I could write a few posts about lately, but I wont allow this to turn into Ziggy’s blog. Not everything in my life revolves around my dog, HA who I am I kidding!


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