Inner Dragon . . .

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Finally got word back from the City ‘sloths’ (new name). At some point in time I need to create a character list so I can keep it all straight. Actually is there an animal that moves slower than a Sloth? If so then I can file for a name change.

Its been close to 3 months for the ‘sloths’ to review the plans, make their comments and for the architects to make their notes. What I find funny about this, is that when I started this process back in December and heard it only takes about 2-3 weeks to receive the permits, I was excited. Excitement was flying all around me. That was until I finally got kicked upside the head with a bowl of reality!

Being a strong Gemini (fire dragon at that) I tend to get bored easily with projects. This adventure has forced me to deal with my strong sense of boredom. Just how long can I hold on without becoming to bored,  3 yrs and a few months. Starting to get close to the edge, but at least the end is near.   The project is  filled with smaller projects/parts, all of which have been fun at times. I enjoy researching companies, vendors, products and so forth. That actually is the fun part. Turning it around and making it into numbers, hasn’t been.

At the beginning, I was working on various projects, narrowing them down and jumping from one to the other, which feed my inner dragon! After christmas break, it all came to quick halt and from that time, its been a slow step by step process. Something again, that I have never really been keen on. More of a jumper, always moving and returning, but never staying to long with one project. I’ve always known this and is one main reason I knew I wanted to become an entrepeneur. The ability to juggle more than I can toss up, is actually exciting and keeps me running full speed.

This is why this whole permit process has really taken a toll, because I havent been able to move, almost feeling as though I’ve been attached to cement blocks. I have other small projects I’ve been working on to pass the time, like building a reception desk, putting my office together and a few other odds and in’s, but again, it doesn’t really make up for the big picture. Its been more frustrating that I thought, because I am now starting to let the rabbit out of the hat.

I’ve been showing it to my close friends, who I think, over the past few years since I’ve known them have always been curious as to what I do? It’s been fun for me because I am able to share with them something built and not just my words anymore.

Slowly I’ve started my quiet PR push as well. Quiet in the sense, that I am meeting with some people to gain their support, so when push comes to shove, I have a little extra momentum. This morning I had the fine pleasure of meeting 3 people who when the time comes, will play a key role in building support for the facility. Not sure if it’s just me, but I can walk into the most crowded space and see past the walls, color and objects. Lately when I bring people in the facility, I get one or two remarks “Wow, what a great space, I just can’t see it, but I am sure it’s going to be awesome” and my favorite “invite us back when your about to open so we can get a better idea”?

60-90 days is what I keep telling people and every time I say it my inner boredom gets a little bigger. . .


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