And so it begins once again

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

After 3 1/2 months, fines and enough loop holes to make even a frog tired, I finally have permits for both properties. I m not even going to go into the logistics or even the large amount of bullshit that took place today. Why? Because I am just relieved I am on to step 2.

I’ve always wanted a little more grey in my hair actually, don’t ask me why, but I think after the last 3 months, I’ve got I’ve been asking for.

So what now, step 2, the build out. More tools, more people and unfortunately more conversations with CIS. I was really hoping this dude would just disappear, but so far my luck isn’t happening on either end. The good news is that I made friends with the Fireball, turns out he’s a huge fan of the college I went to. Thats a whole other story, but as with everything, it all comes around.

So starting tomorrow at 6am (saturday btw) I’ll be working and monitoring. Worked a power ‘lift’ today, way to much fun. Tomorrow a chance to play with a jack hammer and learn a little plumbing 101, straight from the ground up and then a little dry wall action. Will make up for a boring weekend to come.

Lets hope starting tomorrow this process doesn’t take as long as obtaining the permits. I am sure there is going to be some BS along the way, but it can’t get much worse. At least that’s what I am banking on right now. . .

  1. Don says:

    Luke, please never say it won’t get worse…
    You’re asking for it!!
    (say…’well, it could always be worse’ & it won’t be… things’ll get better…
    Ok strange theory I know!!
    Trussssssst me (ha ha remember jungle book?!!) x

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