Back in the Saddle

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Havent been blogging for the past few days, because nothing truly has been taking place that results in something positive. When I first started out on this journey I knew in the back of mind there were going to be a lot of highs and lows, however I can personally tell you there are been a hell of a lot more lows than highs for the past 3 weeks. I’ve promised myself that I would stop focusing in on the negatives and try to find something positive to blog about. I refuse to become like the ‘news’ stations, who only report on death, destruction and illegal activities.

Luckily things are starting to gain some momentum. Feeling like a snail moving along the side-walk while a person keeps picking me up and saying oh wait you can’t crawl there or if you do then you need to do this and that and re adjust this and then you can move, oh wait I lied and came up with more reasons why you can t go that way to get to there.

Positive Notes:

The grass boys are almost finished, however more sand had to be bought, seeing how Charlotte has turned into a snowy little city? Interesting bit of information just in case anyone reading this wants to embark on a similar journey, but 10 tons of sand = 400 bags of playground sand. They come in pallets of 56 and as of this morning I still have 6 more pallets to pick up. I put the Ford to the test yesterday and realized, I bought a truck with all the bells and whistles and no balls.

There have been a lot of times I wish I had a camera on my glasses, to record everything I’ve gotten to witness.  When they placed the pallet in the back of the truck, the entire Lowe’s team, including all my help, thought that the truck was going to snap in half. All those commercials with a big pile of something landing in the back of the truck and the truck bouncing around as if nothing happened and then driving off, aren’t really showing the real effects of the weight. Lets just say I had a low rider on the verge of breaking in half! Built Ford Tough? I’ll have to re-think that?

I did make a HUGE mistake, I thought Ziggy was old enough (9 months) and would be able to man up to this experience, instead it back fired. When I use the term back fired, take it in all the dirty smelly ways. He was so upset about it and terrified of this feeling of having his personal limo sinking to the ground, that he exploded all over the back area. Not once but twice. Did I mentioned it was below 40 yesterday and snowing? The joys of cleaning out a back seat in the cold and snowing, I wouldn’t ask my worse enemy! Amazing just when you need the professional experience of a car wash, they for some reason decided to do some spring cleaning on their machines and their vacuum was not working?  Luckily Ziggy was able to push through and this morning we are all back to solid waste!

CIS Sightings:

I figured I would keep a running log of how many times CIS comes by un-announced vs. announced.

Running score: UNA – 3 vs ANN – 2 . .. sneaky little bastard!

I was up at 6:30 this morning for a blding inspection with my favorite man, CIS. He passed it, but as with everything else, had about another 30 issues and questions, all of which have nothing to do with his job. I am starting to wonder if CIS is so good at his job that he has so much free time that he likes going by pretending to do others? We’ll see. Still waiting for the 1st official introduction. As of right now he knows I am the bearer of keys. The gate-keeper and I am sure this bothers him knowing I have something he doesn’t. He did slip up actually, showed a little weakness. He was out the other day talking and told one of my boys, that he was going to allow certain things to pass, but was looking forward to busting our balls and putting us against the walls and that he had eyes everywhere just waiting to shut us down! Amazing to think that an official who represents the county and city, takes such great pleasure in looking for ways to shut small businesses down, when what this city and economy needs the most is more people like me?

Back in the saddle for another day of rodeo adventures. . .

  1. lucinda says:

    jamey says you should have bought a dodge. and wont lowe’s deliver the sand to you?

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