Unleash Hell!

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

I feel like the guys on the other side of the battle field during the opening scene of Gladiator. All hell was unleashed on me yesterday around 2pm and it hasn’t let up and doesn’t seem like its going to get any better. I went to bed last night with the feeling I am about ready to raise the white flag. A young entrepreneur shouldnt have to endure what I am being dealt with and unfortunately I can’t go and tell my side of the story to anyone of power, because the fight that has been brought upon me is from the County.

I had respect for those governing bodies, but after yesterdays dealing, the amount of lies that have been constructed and the number of issues that have come from these lies, I have no respect for the County and especially for those gentlemen and women who are making the decision who have affected me directly and my friend who is trying to launch her career.

This group of people at the County are probably the most immature group of people I’ve ever known and should have never been given these jobs of power. As the saying goes, when given power, corruption is the first door they walk through!

Their cowboys without a sheriff. Making up lies and forcing a start-up business, entrepreneur and land owner to pay for fees that have never been asked of. I’ve been working with a large group of contractors from electricians, plumbers, event renters etc. When I have explained to them what has been happening, they laugh and say “we’ve been in business for 10 years and have heard of nothing like this ever.”

Why o why is this happening to me? I keep asking myself where in life did I make a mistake, that every time I take a step out, I get shit on.

I’ve heard the county can be difficult but this has become absurd. CIS has been running his mouth and fabricating lies, which as trickled down the lines and now is having MAJOR effects on every single aspect of getting this project going along with helping my friend run her event.  I have been asking around to figure out who I can tell my side of the story to? I the tax payer, the little man and I realized this morning, there is truly no one, a check and balance system does not exist in government and I am stuck with people hearing one story and assuming this is the truth!

Nothing in life drives me more crazy than knowing, I am being silenced not by my laziness or unwillingness, but by force. No one wants to listen to me and I can’t even get calls back. Why? Because I am the little man. The little guy on the grand scale and when push comes to shove, the shit gets shoved on people like me, small business.

One would think, that the county and city would be friends and would do whatever they could to welcome small businesses and would advise not PUNISH business owners. For some reason the County has this personal vendetta against the property I am working on. I have no idea why? And when I ask for reasons, the answer is filled with more lies and stupidity.

I think it speaks volumes when the County Inspector, CIS, stops by, talks with a few guys working for me and tells them, that he is going to let a few things slide, but after that he is going to slam us against the wall and bust my balls on everything?

Really, Mecklenburg County, is that the type of employee you want running around representing you? If so then you have an employee of the month!


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