Age … a three letter word!

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Throughout my life I consider myself very lucky to have met a lot of wonderful people. Some of them stick around for a short duration while others have become very close to me.  Sometimes I sit around and think where this person is or that person and why I lost touch with them. There are lot of people I met during my earlier travels that I really wish I could reconnect with. I am hoping FB will lead me to them.

Since par taking in this latest adventure I have been very blessed to have meet a lot of great and not so great people. Some of them have become very close while others have stuck around for the time they were meant to, while others continue to pop in. Its been a lot of fun and very stressful at times. Some have brought about the best in me while others have brought about the worst.

Its been a very stressful and frustrating last few weeks and I keep asking the ‘higher’ guy for some help. I’ll admit I am not a true believer in all that stuff. I am spiritual but not ‘church going’ if you call it that. I call upon help when I’ve reached my very end and as of lately its felt like that.

Here in Charlotte I have two sets of great friends. A group of guys I call my ‘bean’ boys. I’ve never really had a good group of guy friends since college. Always more lady friends than guys. Luckily I stumbled upon these guys about 3.5 yrs ago. We had one thing in common, College Football. Ever since then I consider them my closest friends here in Charlotte. They have been there for me in ways they have no idea and I like to keep it that way. The other set I’ll call my ‘married’ friends. They are small group of friends who I don’t get to see too much, but continue to offer support.

I wanted to blog about 2 people;  one of them who has become a family member of mine and the other a pure mystery? Both of them helped me get through a very stressful situation lately. One of them has been there through ever storm and fight, while the other just appeared out of the sky at the ‘perfect’ moment.

I  took a business class, I think 2.5 years ago (Memory and time are not friends)  and without knowing it, a special relationship began. He’s a few generations older than me, but as this story goes, age is just a 3 letter word. He started off as instructor, became an advisor, then a mentor and now is one of my closest friends to date. I can’t say enough great things about him, because he continues to go above and beyond everything. Without his support and guidance I am pretty sure I would be back working for ‘da man’! He’s a classy fellow who has great stories and enjoys meeting people. He’s been my rock after a lot of set backs and really has become a part of my inner family. I truly believe, after knowing him for a little over 2.5 years, we were destined to run into one another. He says I’ve helped him, but the truth of the matter is, without his support and guidance I would be flat on my back and lost. He’s friendship is extremely important to me and without his support I wouldn’t be here blogging about him or this adventure.

This past week I was extremely lucky to bump into ray of sunshine. When I say a ray of sunshine, I might not be giving this individual enough credit. Ever come across people who just their mere presence can part the clouds and remove the storms?  I think these people are extremely special and i am always fascinated by their gift. Whether it be their smile or all the pieces put together, they have a very unique and wonderful gift. They don’t have to talk really. They  can just show up, glow and within seconds whatever was an issue or problem is gone.

Our introduction to one another was beneficial to both of us, or so it was said? I am a blogging about this ‘ray of sunshine’, because I was in the eye of the storm and when I thought I was about to give up and drown, she appeared. Not out of no where, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I wish there was more to explain and talk about, but its all very new and fresh.

There is a long list of individuals who I continue to bump into, both good and bad and I am hoping to document each one. The list gets more full by the week.


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