Mario and Luigi . . .

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Its been awhile since I last posted for no real reason. Haven’t really been up to much lately that I felt was worth blogging about? Not saying there is much more to blog about today but figured I needed to write something.

Finally some work is being done in an area of the facility where lots of people will be congregating, bathrooms. I never have really been apart of the whole construction, demo, build out before. The whole process is fascinating to me and every day I learn a little here and there. I’ve been watching the plumbers go to work for the past week and man is there a lot to know.

Besides pulling out the wet saw cutting the lines, then bringing in some heavy equipment to pullout the existing slab and digging another 4′ down and laying pipe, there was a lot more labor involved just to connect to the city sewer line. Not a smell anyone should smell by the way.

The guys working for me (Mario and Luigi) are fantastic. Wouldnt know it if they started talking to you, because, we , as a society like to judge and categorize everyone quickly. They are from an area around here that is pretty ‘red’ as they like to call it. If you’ve ever watched the Jeff Foxworthy Comedy show you can quickly understand what I am talking about. Their accents are as thick as the red Carolina dirt.

Two brothers who work their asses off and do a fantastic job. They are intelligent in their own way and within their industry. On top of that they know a little bit of everything. Very quick thinkers and are always finding ways to solve problems. Its been a very fun time watching these ‘trade’ – men work. It’s amazing how much they know, yet you wouldn’t know it until you saw them work and their finished project.

I enjoy watching them work, even though they talk in a foreign language around me. They talk ‘pipe’ talk and its great being around them when it starts to get thick!

I’ve attached some pictures of their work for your liking. Ziggy is a huge fan of these guys and he knows they will always share their bottled water with them. He also likes the fact that they allow him to get down in the pit and dig with them!


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