Meet & Greet

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today was one of my 1st real meetings, even pulled out the business suit! Which is very rare. I actually have a lot of nice clothes, just never been in the business to wear them really. Not that I am now, but getting close.

Today’s meeting was a fun one. Was able to share with some important people the idea and let them have it as I like to say. I always enjoy hearing what other people would do with the space I’ve created. I’ve heard  a lot of great ideas and concepts, but to be honest I am still waiting on one or two, that I say “how did I not think of that”. Most of them have to deal with how to get the community more involved and what not. Which to me is the easy part. The hard part is filling the dead space or time as you will and not yet have I heard of anyone who can think outside the box. No worries really, that’s my job I guess. Was just hoping I would come into contact with someone else.

One of the fun parts of this week was getting together with the architects and coming up with the real dream. The vision of visions, the wonderful 3-5 year track. I’ve posted a pic for all to see. I’ll let you figure it out and go from there. It’s going to take a lot of work and of course money and it will be exciting to see how much the original changes from now until whenever.


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