Checks and Balance

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

I keep wondering where in the hell is this ‘Checks and Balance’ system? I can’t seem to find it and more than ever I would love to find & put it in use with all the bullshit that has been thrown on me while trying to open up this facility. I have once again been put through the fucking ringer by playing by the rules and doing everything they’ve asked, yet this time it’s complete bullshit!

Yesterday after all the crews had left I was closing down the site, when the architect pulled up and had this look across his face. He got out, looked up at the roof and I quickly asked, your just looking at the wonderful view right? With no reply and a shake of the head, I knew something bad was about to come out.

After a very quick conversation, trying my hardest to understand why, there are people in this county who get off on stopping the growth of small business, I finally lost my cool. I was really hoping a county employee would have driven up, because it would have been a scene from the movie the “HULK”. I know I could have easily picked up any car and smashed it.

I’ve had to submit a change of use permit, from office to general assembly. For some fucked up reason, the building that has one of dreams in it, was zoned for office use. In order for me to run the type of business I want, I  have to have the building zoned general assembly. Sounds like a simple process right? Would be easier to steal a million dollars than this process.

Process includes: drawing up the plans, submitting plans and changes and then waiting to hear back from the ‘assholes’! Because there are no businesses coming to this area, this group of fine individuals who look over the plans and changes, have no work, so whenever they get some work, they go over it with the finest pencil and enforce every single rule. Rules according to the architect that he has never seen enforced! Rules that are so bullshit, you feel yourself turning GREEN, screaming and looking for something to smash. The large dumpster with bricks and concrete was just out of my range at the moment of fury.

After thinking about all the delays and bullshit that has been given to me by the county, I would now say I am 2 and a half months behind schedule. Add another 3 – 4 weeks, sure no big deal and yet family and friend wonder why I am not excited about anything right now. Every time I loosen up and relax, something happens.

So I am asking myself isn’t there any place in this fucking city or county that I can have my say. I can go and report abuses by the this corrupt county. A place that says, come here and tell us all the shit that has been thrown at you to slow down your business? I am still looking and asking around. . . There is no such idea or concept of a ‘checks and balance’ system, where the little guy, small business, can go and defend themselves against the big dawg.  The more and more I think about this process I realize all the bullshit smeared behind the white picket fences.

I’ve come to realize there is no answer to any of this and no matter what, no matter if you try to organize a group, a rally or bring attention to it, the little guy is going to lose every time.

Congratulations County Officials I want to thank you, personally, to holding back the process once again, to delaying the opening of someone’s dreams and hard work, to making us fork over more money for another bullshit reason just to open my doors! You are all truly fucked up people!


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