Power Please

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

I realized I havent posted in a long time, then again nothing seems to have changed since the last time I posted. Currently the project seems to be moving at the speed of a snail, actually a snail moves faster than what I am experiencing.

I keep thinking back to all these books I read about starting a business and the fun and excitement and all the different hats I would be wearing. I had this idea I was going to have 1,000 of things happening all the time, thus feeding my enormous and ever-growing ‘boredom’ monster. This monster is the one who rules my life and I usually listen to him a lot. He’s been the cause to much of my ‘up’ and ‘go’ life style. I’ve been able to contain him with a few small dishes here and there, but now he’s back and wrecking my life.

A good friend told me just today something is wrong with you. Yes, indeed. I have reached my limit and I am now completely bored with all of this. I’ve come to realize this whole adventure up until about 4 months ago was everything and more, in what I had read and heard, then I started off with what I thought was going to be the most exciting part, building my ginger bread house, full of tastes and treats, but quickly came to realize that there are several wolves out in the real world, always looking to destroy any house that is looking to get built.

The newest wolf is the wonderful monopoly know as the Power Company! Yes these criminals have held me in check for a little over a month now with no power. They first took down the power pole, took the transformer and ran it across the street to another company and are now trying to enforce a  new county rule. Why? Who the fuck knows!  Went to get temporary power and of course some backwards ass request was asked to basically go above and beyond what is asked for (once again) and submit more $ to get temporary power, oh but have they even done that? NOPE. If only I had enough solar panels & $$$ to attach to the roof. I would just harvest my own damn power. Then again I am sure PC has some rights over the natural sun or some shit.

I feel like a pawn on a chess board surrounded Queens, horses, knights and even bishops. Fuck the castles never liked those pieces anyways.  Every move I make, check. You see without power, I can’t get a final inspection and lets not get started on that either, I am sure that ass of a person, CIS, is going to pull some wild hairs with that, without the final CO I can’t obtain the ‘change of use’ that I need and without a change of use, I basically can’t do what it is that I have set out to do…Check, check and check again

I am just looking for some sort of power on all ends of the spectrum. At least Ziggy has enough for the both of us…


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