1 out of 3 …

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

After an amazing weekend filed with a few important meet and greets and fantastic weather, the beginning of a new week starts tomorrow with a meeting that should have happened a few months ago. But then again after everything that has happened, I am not surprised it has taken this long.

The fine people who control the power will be dropping by to talk about inches and rules that have no true value when you actually get down to the interpretation. I am not going to bore myself nor you the read with all the bullshit or better yet the wide variety of ways in which people project it.  Instead I am only going to say this, when in the hell did a side-walk become part of a building?

Last week actually ended on a good note, if you want to call it that? I actually received power. So now I have one check out of 3 completed. Hopefully now this pony can start to pick up some speed? Then again it’s more like a tortoise I guess. I still have to get a final CO on the property and a change of use. Both of which I am worried about because they require the evil spirit of CIS to show up and I cant wait to hear the bullshit he is about to lay on us. I heard he’s been on  a tear for the last few weeks, making sure people know he’s in charge. The words I wish I could share with him, would make a pig feel clean!


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