Age Doesn’t Have Any Advantages . . .

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I should be out celebrating, throwing down the beers and a few tequila’s, why? I finally got the approval I’ve been looking for, really actually waiting for, for over 2 months now. But as with any positive it was quickly mowed down by the words of,  the big bad county. They’ve decided to throw in a little slider. Mind you, I’ve re-submitted this plan now 3 different times and each time have been told 4 different reasons?

This time an overall inspection of the entire building has been required, because they believe after standing the test of time, the building might not be structurally sound? Wait can you repeat that?

Let me back up a little, the building was built in 1938 and re modified in 1945, or something around there. It’s a strong southern son-of-a-bitch & is still standing and has little to zero damage over all these years. A hurricane ripped through the area back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and NOTHING. But for some damn reason, the county feels that just because I’ve chosen to put in an indoor sports field, that all hell might break loose and the building might just give in for some damn reason? Really. Are they serious? As serious as a rattlesnake before it strikes.

I shouldn’t be shocked really. I should have been expecting that and had a flask filled with something strong and downed it quick to get in my few seconds of celebration! But I was a little slow, my game is off just a tad, then again I think I have a pretty good reason., I haven’t had any practice at getting anything my way?

Lesson 2,340: Never accept a yes without a ‘oh by the way’.


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