E -T-A-H

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I don’t think in my 34 years of living that I have ever truly hated someone or something. Yes EXTREME dislike for people and places and food, but to find or better yet be completely filled with HATE is something I really don’t think I’ve ever encountered until yesterday. I actually felt how this feeling could completely make you act out of character. If there would have been any way for me to get my hands on this mother fucker, I could honestly tell you IT wouldn’t ever be able to hear or speak again.

It turns out that the CIS, which for those of you who might be reading this for the first time is the inspector, is a complete fucking ass hole that has no heart,  soul, brain and for the most part might not even be human? I have tried to play his game, tried to play nice, tried to have him more involved and even tried to extend a peace-offering, but yesterday summed up all his stupidity and more.

Inspector Death has now officially failed my building 3 times now. He is refusing to give us the final ok. Why? To put it simple, his feelings are hurt, he’s a childish little shit and can’t move past the fact that someone in this world stood up to his lies, bullshit and bullying and he is crying about it, wait trying to punish us for it and getting away with it!

The reason why this hatred has engulfed my spirit and body is that we asked him in the nicest of ways to please let us know what we are missing in order to get our final inspection, he told this that and this. We did all of this and that and yet so far he has come out 3 times now and has added more and more and more SHIT.

The latest and greatest: install 2 barriers in front of your door, because he believes someone might park there and block the entrance, which would cause complete chaos in the case of an emergency! Ok so let me get this straight you want me to install door BOMB barriers in front of my retail glass doors, the entrance into a sports facility, because you have a fear?

I feel sad for this guy. Not only is he a complete waste of life, but he’s completely crazy. Actually crazy is giving him something.  He deserves nothing from what this life has to offer.


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