Happy Birthday my Friend!

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today marks the celebration of my best friend. Yes he’s 4 paws, wears a black fur coat, weights a whopping 110 lbs and has been mistaken for a small bear and primate. But to me he’s Ziggy Cash, the dog in black with dreads.

I found my best friend over 8 months ago. I found him up close to Rochester, NY. Lucky for me thats where my sis lives so it made the trip extra special. I’ve had dogs before. He’s actually my 3rd and my first newfie.

He’s been there for every moment during the journey and has done his job just fine. Scared off those who needed to be scared and has embraced those who have needed to be embraced. He’s a great joy to have and lucky for me all the workers have taken a great likely to him. He’s always on site and when he’s not, its as if I’ve done something horrible and have ruined everyone’s job. He’s helped me form new friendships and in a way helped me find my sunshine! Lucky for me she’s a HUGE dog lover and likes the big guy.

Ziggy you have no idea how important you have been to me during this ride. You’ve know exactly when to chase your tail, eat your feet, fart and destroy everything in sight. Without you I wouldn’t be here. You keep me grounded by the games you play and the funny things you do. You might be 110 lbs but you still act as though your 30 lbs.

I thank you for being there, for always dealing with my stress and anger, for making me smile when I needed it the most and for showing me life is meant to be filled with fun activities like running in circles in the sand and chasing your tail.

Happy Birthday my Jerome aka Zigger aka bear aka Ziggy Cash!


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