TGIF and then some . . .

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

To be honest I kind of wish the days kept going and weekends never came around. Getting stir crazy by the day and every time Friday comes rolling up I realize I just missed another week of business. I’ve been keeping a running total of what I might be making based upon my projected numbers.  I could have paid off my car, found a nicer apartment or even house to rent, picked up a play buddy for Ziggy, paid off a few out standing bills and services and of course started the re-payment of gifts.

I am damn happy I did all my projections but in reality it’s just biting me in the face. Every time I pop down in my seat, it just stares at me. Then again with the way the world is turning and how dry and shitty this city is, I could be exactly where I am at now, but with the addition of extra bills? I don’t feel it would be, based upon the number of people who have been pulling up and inquiring. Would be fun to know how it all feels.

The countdown continues . . .


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