Welcome to the flip side

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve been in the build out process for a little over 6 months and thus far have been pretty lucky when it comes to theft, that was until yesterday. I had just returned from a day out with Sunshine and Ziggy when I got a call from my GC. I normally dont hear from him and when I saw his number flash across the screen I found it quite odd?

He was going by to show his boys the facility and said that someone had broken in the windows on the side and had gone in. My first recreation is that the site is playground/candy shop for punks. Enough equipment, tools, machines, piping, wiring, grass and then some to start your own Lowe’s. While I was in the car I keep thinking worst possible scenario? What could a couple of punks or better yet older punk asses do in the building, a ton of damage.

They tried cutting the cord to a generator, kicked around a few things and probably where out within a few seconds. Luck was on my side in that there are no outside lights nor electricity at the property so I am sure to them it was as if they were stepping into a black hole. Even during the day its dark. If there was just a little light the situation could have been far worse.

What pisses me off about the situation is not that it happened, crime happens all the time and especially in the world we live in and I am sure this is not the only time its going to happen.  I am more pissed because if I hadn’t been getting all this shit from the inspector and he hadn’t failed the building 3 x’s, then there would have been cars, people, lights and a business running for the past 3 -4 weeks, thus no break-in.

I am wondering if the County will pick up my bill to re-install the glass or maybe I should just ask them to pay for security to roam the lot at night, I am sure the inspector wouldn’t mind since he does it anyway. . .


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