Conflict Resolution 101

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dealt with my first so-called ‘fight’ between different contractors. Electric vs Construction. Neither side won nor loss and neither side had more facts than fiction. It actually was a fair brawl of words all around. For the first time I saw two different sides of what life is like outside of my world.

I really enjoy both Electric and Construction. Both serve very important roles, yet both come from different back grounds. Two completely different backgrounds and work ethics all around. Both gents own their businesses and both are extremely strong willed when it comes to who is doing this and that. I knew this was going to come, it was bound to happen, unfortunately it came about from strong opinions and two men who refused to back down.

The quick and short of it, electric got his stuff stolen from the break-in over the weekend and felt construction was to blame, the whole ‘inside’ job theory. Two and two go together and I point in your direction type of theory. Very valid but it was more hear say than strong facts. I wont get into it, because when the day ended both sides were right and wrong.

What I found and what I dealt with was entertaining and yet educational. I heard two sides of a story and did my best to put out the fire before it got nasty and one-sided, no reason for these guys to give in now, we’re so close to the end. By the end of the day most of fire was out and I had to deal with all the burns and scares.

It was a nice day because I finally had something else to deal with that it wasnt my own issues or problems. . .


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