Finally a Yes!

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I think today was the 1st good day in a long time. I flew back into today, hit the road running and left the office with a small dash of hope. It turns out the the teachers down at the capital have decided to give us a little break. I wouldn’t say little it’s actually quite big, savings close to $5,000k!

Little in that its the 1st break in a long list of requests. To those who have been following, I am not going to be required to build my castle walls as I know call them. There was this inspector, I m not into naming names these days, new stones have been turned over (ha ha ha) who was trying to bust my butt on  everything.  It got so confusing ( i am be trying to be nice here) that the kids here in the big bad city couldn’t figure it out so they had to send it to their teachers, the STATE, for a decision. Ruling in my favor!

Luckily for me the State saw how ridiculous the demand was and said enough of that crap, go forth and continue. Muchie Gracie mi amigo’s!


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